For children

In equine assisted child psychotherapy we benefit from the infants' elemental love of nature and the relationship with both the therapist and the therapeutic horse. This psychotherapeutic method can heal effectively symptoms of mental illnesses in childhood. The mental illness can be regarded as a problem in the child's normal development or a disturbance in his/her everyday functioning. Usually these are connected to the requirements of his/her age. 

  • under age 3 usually we treat disturbances in eating, sleeping or communication (speech, language)
  • From the age 3 to age 6 the child usually goes to kindergarten where he/she has to cope with an unknown social world  in separation of his/her parents. In this age we often encounter such symptoms as dysfunction in aggression-controlling, communication problems (stuttering, mutism), problems with keeping attention (in background of psychological agitation), and secretion (enuresis, defecation).
  • From the age 7 the child has to go to school where he must perform, behave and adapt well to a formal institution. In this age we usually see dysfunctions in efficiency, in fitting to institutional standards which are expressed in such symptoms as stomach-ache, headache, anxiety connected to performance, and conformity-problems. 

In the same time equine assisted therapy - similarly to action therapies - has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system. Therefore it can be efficient in treating many symptoms related to the dysfunction of this system (e.g. controlling aggression, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, autistic disorder, etc.).