Lady, the therapeutic horse

Lady is a mare (female horse) in her middle ages who has a very calm and somehow wise temperament. Despite she also works in the riding school, she hasn't lost her sensitivity as a therapeutic horse, and gives lots feedback to the patients letting them know themselves better. Because she is tall enough, older children and adults can also sit on her back. 








Szamba, the therapeutic pony


Szamba is a young pony(born in 2009) who approaches everybody with trust and curiosity. This welsh pony is a mare (female horse) and has a lots of brown spots. Children often compare her to a cheetah or a Dalmatian dog. She had been working as a therapeutic horse for years, but to our stable she arrived only in the spring of 2013 when  we had to retire our previous therapeutic pony, Gina.








Lidi, the therapist

I started to work at Páty, in Bellandor Riding-Center. This young therapeutic approach means lots of challenge. The way how the equine assisted psychotherapy is carried out depends on a lot of fact: the therapeutic approach chosen by the therapist, on the circumstances given by the stable, on the therapeutic horse and so on. Together with my supervisor we did our best to adjust the principles of analytical therapy to equine assisted therapy setting. This process never stops, we always find newer and newer undiscovered phenomena which shouts for recognition and interpretation. Seeing the results I can say: it is definitely worth making all this effort. 


Why I became equine assisted therapist? When I was a teenager I was so fortunate to have an own horse for ride, called Vízöntő (Aquarius in English). We became good friends, the bond with him meant a lot to me in such a hard period as teenager-hood. After selling Vízöntő, I couldn't ride horses for years. When I attended the university I heard that two curing effect -  psychology and horses - can be mixed, resulting in a new therapeutic approach which is called equine assisted psychotherapy (EAP). I joined the studies of the Hungarian Horsethearpy Association (Magyar Lovasterápia Szövetség; MLTSZ), at Fót, and I finished them (only one riding exam is missing which I have to take).